Beat Fatigue During Perimenopause!


Feel like your energy plug has been pulled?


Here are my Top 5 tips to beat fatigue during perimenopause:

1. Stay Hydrated!  

Not only will it help with fatigue and feeling sluggish, but will also help you stay focused and have better clarity of mind. Work on drinking a minimum of 8 glasses per day!  We all have heard this many times….but have you mastered this?  This was something I struggled with for years!  Until I found out my body was like a stagnant pond and not a stream of new fresh water for my cells.  (Read about it here:  Drink Enough Water).  Now I set reminders so that I get my 8 glasses in each day and carry a water bottle with me wherever I go!  It’s amazing the difference I feel from this change alone!  Before you read #2…drink a glass of water!  🙂    BTW…you can also choose caffeine-free teas or calorie free drinks.

2.  Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes daily!

If you don’t know what to do? Ask me and we’ll figure out a program suited just for you based on your interests (we want it to be fun!) and your current fitness level.  Ideally, you want to work towards doing weight bearing exercises 3 times per week and cardio 2-3 times per week as well as including a stretching/yoga day.  But if a walk around the block gets you started, then I’m cheering you on!  Just start moving!  🙂

3.  Get enough sleep! 

Restful sleep is so important during this time of life in order to feel less tired during the day! Keeping your bedroom cooler than normal, having a fan that is directed at you more and choosing to wear lighter bed clothes or just your undies and a loose tank can all help.  Keep your room dark, remove any devices out of your room (tablets, cellphones, etc.) as well as that TV.  Research has proven these all affect your sleep…Google it!

4.  Control your food portions.

Excess weight during perimenopause can create fatigue. Eating fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats in the proper portion amounts is the way to go.  Limit the amount of sweets and dairy you eat!   21 Day Fix is my “go to” suggestion without a doubt!  It’s super easy to follow and my customers are having the best results with this portion control container system.  For more info, check it out by clicking on this link: 21 Day Fix

5.  Learn to enjoy life by not overbooking yourself.

Women are famous for taking on the world!   We do so much for others and before you know it, half your life has passed you by and you’re exhausted!   If you feel like that, you may be doing too much!   Learn to say “No”!  If that’s too hard at first then learn to say, “Can I get back to you?” (This sometimes is easier, as it gives you more time to build up courage and to give it more thought.)  Set reasonable limits for external activities and purposely schedule “Me” time just for you to unwind and have some fun doing something you enjoy!  No guilt!  Why shouldn’t you have time just for you?  Everyone else does….the kids….the hubby…your parents…why not you?  You deserve it too!   At first it will feel weird and you’ll think you need to be productive doing something….but you are!  You are looking after YOU! Remember… Just like on an airplane they teach us to put our masks on first and then our kids…..You need to look after YOU first, then you will be your best to help those around you!  🙂

You can beat fatigue during perimenopause too!

Begin with one or two of the tips above and gradually add in another one.  Remember it’s about progress….not perfection.